Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day on the Beach - Santa Cruz

Yesterday was the 17th Annual Day on the Beach, an event by Shared Adventures to get disabled people out on the beach to have some fun. They build platforms out of two by fours and plywood, and assemble them on the sand at Cowell's Beach in the heart of Santa Cruz. The guests can scuba, ride around the beach in a wheelchair with giant wheels, even going into the surf, they can ride in the outrigger, or even kayak. There's a band, and delicious vegetarian food, and the smiles on the faces say it all.

Kevin and I drove down on Saturday morning, no traffic, and volunteered as kayak launchers and landers. I also took Jason (7) out for a half hour tour of the pier, kelp beds, and back. We saw many seals and sea lions. The seals were jumping out of the water. We also saw pelicans diving for fish. One more odd thing, we saw a surfer with a dog on his surf board. Pretty cool!

Here are some of the best photos from last year's event from the Day on the Beach website:
(Click on the slideshow to go to Picasaweb to see the pictures better. To see all 494 pictures, go to the Day on the Beach website)

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