Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tomales Bay II - April 12, 2008

Yesterday a group of four of us met up at 9am, loaded our kayaks into a RAM 2500, and drove from Vallejo to Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay. We were in the water by 10:45am. The paddle was planned to let the tides work for us. The high tide was at 4:35am, with the low tide at 12:22pm, with the following high tide at 7:31pm (these are for the mouth of Tomales Bay). This lets the tide take us out. From the iWindsurf site, we know that the wind tends to pick up in the early afternoon in a southerly direction, meaning that the tide will turn, and the wind will be at our backs for the return trip (yes!). I like to plan my paddles this way, so that you go out with the tide, turn around during the slack (or close to it) then let the tide bring you back. Sometimes currents lag behind the tides, so you have to know your location, and charts can help you figure this out.

Be sure to check out the public Picasa album for this trip! Just click on the embedded slide show below. I didn't get pictures of the leopard shark I saw in the shallows, or the river otter we saw running on the beach, or the Tule Elk that we saw on the ridges of Tomales Point, but I did get lots of great pics of the bay, and a starfish.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. You make kayaking look so idyllic, serene, and floatational! Can I come?

Shamus Thornton said...

Hi Anonymous! Thanks. I take the pictures with a Nikon Coolpix 4600 (not a high-end camera) that I keep in a resealable sandwich bag in my lifevest. When you have a place this pretty, it is easy to get good pictures. Kayaking is easy for beginners in good conditions, and it only gets better from there. If you'd like to join me on a trip, I'd like that. You can email me at, and I'll keep you posted on an upcoming trip.