Saturday, March 29, 2008

May I Plan a Trip For You?

Let's say you want to try kayaking, or you are already a kayaker, but need some help getting your blades wet. Here's an offer that I hope someone takes me up on. If you give me some information about yourself (see below), then I'll plan a trip for you! Actually, I'll send you some options for paddling near you. In a later post on Dipping and Tipping, I'd like to show someone's response to this offer, and explain the process I went through to find paddling options for them.

Here's what I need to know about you:
  • What is your Zip code? (City/Town and State will work)
  • What kayaking equipment do you have?
  • How experienced are you?
  • How long would you like your trip to be?
  • Are you interested in overnighters (touring/camping)?
Respond to this offer in comments, and I'll post a response. If you comment anonymously, that's fine, but give me a paddling handle that I can call you, like, "Rubber Duck".

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